One step back, two steps forward…

Well, call me crazy, but I spent an entire day ripping out the corner motifs on my quilt. The original heart flourishes reminded me of beets or onions, they weren’t adding a thing to the design, and they were just hanging out in the perimeter. I was surprised at how long it took me to FMQ the new corner designs and the rays that I added from the central heart. There are tell-tale marks from the old design, but they’ll eventually be covered with quilting.

I filled the graffiti with stippling that is a muted shade of the background. I wanted to add texture, but was not interested in adding much color. In retrospect, I should have used a color with more contrast. You have to look closely to see the texture. (But no more ripping!)

I did the echo edge stitching on two of the motifs, and will use this on some of the larger motifs this coming week.

As I stated in another blog, I am applying the techniques that Leah is presenting in Express Your Love to other projects. I am waiting for my textile paint to arrive. Our home is 70 miles from the closest city, so I do a lot of shopping on the internet! A blessing (curse?) is that I am four minutes from an incredibly wonderful quilt shop.


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