I missed posting last week. I had been working to get “caught up”, trying to incorporate into my quilt  all the lessons that Leah was presenting for Express Your Love. I finally painted the corner motifs and started working on concentric circles. The painted corners of this quilt are very distracting and overwhelming. I will have figure out a way to tone them down. (It’s hard to keep in mind that this is just practice and experimentation, and it can’t be perfect.) Concentric circles are difficult for me, and I’ve been working on them for several days, piling up all those sandwiches! I’m able to stitch this pattern a little better than when I first started, but my sample is a far cry from Leah’s. Once I feel confident, I’ll use them in the remaining rays.  Meanwhile, I’ve been spending most of my time piecing a couple other quilts, just for a little diversion.





13 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Your quilt is so fantastic. Love the color and the sentiment. I also admire your determination to get the circles where you like them. I give up too easily in my quest to be able to make pretty feathers.

    • Thank you. I’m trying to learn all this so I can fmq the quilt tops I’m in the process of piecing. It’s very exciting to see a little progress here and there as well as feeling more comfortable moving a quilt under the needle.

  2. My immediate reaction to the concentric circles and pebbles was Oooohhhh! So I guess you actually did them very well indeed. I love that you are following Leah Day’s classes on her web site, but not making the exact same project. I’m sort of doing that too.

    On the other hand, so many of the people who are doing the Leah Day project are doing it so well, I’m almost tempted to order the panel and do that too.

  3. This is the first I’ve seen your painted areas. I think they look good. For the concentric circles, I’m still practicing them as well. I find they look better when the spiral start/stop points (at outside and inside) are a quarter- to half-circle away from each other. I don’t know if that is a clear description. I am trying to not echo the first spiral into the center, but rather stay in the middle of the path on the way out…..that might not be a good description either….! Good luck!

    • Thanks. Sounds logical. I’ll try that. I’m still wobbly with my stitching and that really detracts, but hopefully in time with more practice… By the way, I really admire your work. It’s beautiful.

      • Thank you so much for the compliment! Also, I’m glad my description was useful. I’m still learning good control as well; time has definitely brought noticeable results. Just keep at it!

  4. I think your stitches are lovely. Go with them. This can’t come out perfect from the get go.
    That will come with doing. It’s just a project, a beginning , we will all get better as we go.
    I like your painted corners too! It frames the nice stitching. Would they still seem overpowering if you painted the center heart? I think it’s just beautiful.
    Suzanne, N Y

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