Technology Troubles

Yesterday was a bummer! The technology gods were mad at me. I planned on getting so much done yesterday. For some reason that I still don’t understand I just couldn’t get even stitches when I was free motion quilting! My machine seemed to be skipping and I would get stitches the size of basting stitches or the tiniest of any stitch that I had ever seen! After an hour or so of thoroughly cleaning, changing needles, and ripping (Yes! I’m the ripping queen and I’m getting quite proficient at it, but it was such a mess.) I was finally on my way. Awhile later when I went to close my laptop down, it froze! That ate up a couple more hours, and I still couldn’t fix the problem!

I spent most of the week piecing two quilt tops and planning a third. A friend of ours is being married in July and I would really love to present the newlyweds with a quilt. Because I spent little time on FMQ during week, I decided yesterday to take a piece of muslin the size of a table runner and quilt it with all the stitches Leah has taught us in Express Your Love. I was hoping to get it completed, but only got halfway.  I was surprised at how much more relaxed I have become while I’m stitching. Travel stitching has become much neater. There’s hope!

In the coming week, I’ll get back to my friendship quilt, finish and bind my muslin runner, and get closer to having a quilt top that I can fmq using my new-found skills.

Thank you Leah Day!



4 thoughts on “Technology Troubles

  1. White FMQ stitches look delicious on white fabric. I understand the appeal of traditional whole cloth! This table runner is a great idea. One could even twist the flying geese into a name or initials….hmm…..

  2. Among the so many skills I acquired, thanks to Leah, I think the one I use the most often is “travel stitching”….who knew!?! And I feel the same way, much more relaxed….looks awesome! Hugs, Doreen

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