Wow! I finished a project!

Last week I started a runner for our dining room table. The dirty little secret is that I have been sewing/quilting since last August and this is the first FMQ project I have completed. I have lots of   practice sandwiches floating around my sewing room and storage closet, as well as three quilts that I am in the process of piecing, but up until now, nothing in the quilting department has been finished. I’m definitely not bored! I was determined to have this finished today.

I used Leah Day’s instructions for binding (Quilt Along #13 Finishing A Quilt) to guide me. (It’s so nice having this resource at one’s fingertips on the internet!) The last binding I did was many years ago, and it was a disaster! I had very little problem with the binding this time. Leah’s tutorial is very complete. It was just a little more time-consuming than I had planned. The tip about tacking miters before machine stitching really helped. My binding isn’t perfect, but now that I know the process, I am confident that future bindings will improve.

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