Back to the Friendship Quilt

This was quite a week. Last Saturday, while I was away from home for approximately six hours, my sweet husband totally rearranged my sewing room. We recently relocated to a smaller home, so the exercise room and the sewing room had to be combined. The elephant in the middle of the room was our huge treadmill. I had to tip my chair in order to get to my sewing machine and the sewing space was pretty cramped.

By using a fulcrum and those crazy furniture sliders, he moved the heavy monster over to the corner of the room. He moved my sewing table (a beautiful teak dining room table) over to a different wall, which enabled him to put another leaf in it. My cutting table went to another wall and can be expanded, if necessary. It is so wonderful having all this space. What a difference!

Having finally decided on a pattern for a wedding quilt that has to be completed by mid-May, I ordered the fabric. It will be here in a week or so. I’ll really have to crank once it arrives because I also want to keep up on the Free Motion Quilting Project.

This week I decided it was time to get back to my friendship quilt. I really don’t care for the silver and gold painted hearts in the corners, but I’ll move on. I wanted to finish the rays in silver thread, stitching with concentric circles and flock of geese. I finished two of the rays and then ran out of silver thread. At that point, I decided to use channels and paths around the edges of the wreath of feathers. Emboldened with finishing that, I moved on to the central heart. I wanted that to stand out, so I stitched it heavily with the stacked version of the flame stitch. I love all of these stitches and can’t wait to use them in future quilts.

So far, I think I have incorporated almost everything that Leah has presented in this piece and I’m running out of room. It’s probably time to start on a version of Express Your Love!Mar9-3Mar9-2Mar9-1Mar9-4


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