Sewing Memories

This week blasted by because our two adult kids came to visit! It has been a week of fun and relaxation.

My daughter and I decided we would spend some of our time together sewing. She found a book Simple Modern Sewing, 8 Basic Patterns to Create 25 Favorite Garments by ShufuTo Seikatsu Sha. Book Her choice for our project was a shirt coat with pockets that had only five pattern pieces. How easy! When will I learn not to say This won’t take long. This will be easy.?

The only part of simple in this project was—hmm—nothing. The pattern was on one big sheet with all the pieces superimposed on each other. To make matters worse, there was another garment included on top of the shirt coat pattern. That was insane. Of course if we had followed instructions, we could have made it easier on ourselves by outlining the necessary pieces with highlighter before tracing, but that was in another part of the book. One could make the case that the instructions are simple, but vague is a better descriptor. This book is definitely not for beginners! To make matters worse, the fabric choice, although beautiful, was very difficult to sew because it stretches. Thankfully with the experience in garment construction we have gained over the years we were able to pull this off!

ConstructionWe spent four days (off and on) in my sewing room. The two guys would pop in occasionally to check on our progress. This process is reminiscent of most of the projects that we have worked on together over the years. We tackled a wedding quilt one time that was crazy. We had a deadline. We had never made a quilt before and we really didn’t know what we were doing. Another project was Roman shades for her living room. I was visiting her and once again we had limited time. We kept on saying: After we finish this step the rest will be cakewalk. This is our new mantra when we work together. We say it and then we giggle.

The glorious part of all of this is that we spent a week together struggling and laughing. With the constraints of life and distance, this is one of the best gifts a mother can have. The shirt coat is almost done. Our firstborn will have an addition to her wardrobe when she and her brother return to the East tomorrow. The bonus is a week full of memories!

Thankfully, I managed to finish piecing block #2 for Leah Day’s Building Block Quilt Along. The nine-patch block went together very smoothly, thanks to the piecing tips from Leah. I followed her instructions to a tee, and my corners are pretty much perfect.Block#2 How I wish I had this knowledge last summer when I strip pieced a queen sized quilt. I’m looking forward to quilting these blocks—in a very quiet house.

I’m linking up with Leah Day’s FMQ Project Link Up.



2 thoughts on “Sewing Memories

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  2. Sounds like you really did have a good time together sharing the challenge!! “Memories are made of such”!!! Your block looks perfect!!!! There are always little tricks/tips learned in every project that will transfer to a future endeavor (I have learned that the hard way most of the time!!!). Hugs………….

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