Problem Solved?

Early this week I started a whole cloth practice project because I wanted to do some free motion quilting without lines. This was a total disaster. I wasn’t happy with the design I was using and the whole piece looked messy. I finally put it away and was feeling very frustrated and disappointed.

I had very little difficulty completing Block 2.2. There is always room for improvement on any of this, but I wasn’t unhappy with it. I tried to figure out why this went relatively well and why I was unable to work without those guiding lines. The Building Blocks Quilt Along is the first time I’ve really had a pattern to follow. I decided that I was going to go back to the beginning of January and start stitching out Leah Day’s weekly free motion designs.

Earth Flower looked like it was going to be really difficult. I drew it on paper before I stitched it. I also slowed my machine to a little less than half speed. Much to my surprise, I was able to pull it off. Before I knew it, I had all six of the designs from 2014 completed. My stitches looked so much better than they did on the disastrous project. Problem solved? Time will tell.

This is what I accomplished during the week.

I voted for Leah Day for 2013 Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year.

Block 2.2 Quilt Circles in a 9 Patch Block for the Building Blocks Quilt Along

Block 2.2 Front

2.2 backLeah Day’s Design #422 Earth Flower

422 Earth FlowerDesign #423 Kidney Stones

423 Kidney StonesDesign #424 Broken Eggs

424 Broken EggsDesign #425 Hobbit Holes

425 Hobbit HolesDesign #426 Daisy Chain

426 Daisy ChainDesign #427 Wiggly Pasta

427 Wiggly PastaI’m linking up with the FMQ Project Link Up and looking forward to more free motion quilting!


8 thoughts on “Problem Solved?

  1. Sometimes we/I need those “points” to either aim at or confine the stitching. Breaking a large space into shapes (of any configuration) achieves the same result. I relax (that’s ‘key’!) and stitch……and happiness!!! Your stitchings are great!!!!! Hugs……………….

  2. Well, it looks like the problem WAS solved. The quilting looks beautiful. I always get frustrated because I want to be able to do this beautiful complex designs, but I haven’t done any of the ground work to build my skills to that level. It looks like you are putting in the work and it is paying off. Great job.

    • Thank you. I have decided to continue sampling Leah’s designs from now on. I think this is going to help me learn more control. I love looking back at her very early designs and comparing them with the most recent..

  3. Your work is gorgeous! I love it all. I can’t imagine you could be unhappy with any of these. So obviously you’ve figured out what the difficulty was, and fixed it. These are really amazing.
    Rae (

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