This was a busy week. Much of my time was spent learning complex software for the embroidery module for my Bernina 830. I’m approximately two-thirds of the way through the workbook and it is amazing what it can do. The package is loaded with features. I love that it includes a version of Corel Draw. I can’t wait to start designing. Almost anything can be digitized and turned into embroidery. I have two quilt projects that involve machine embroidery and I want to understand as much as I can before starting them.

Last year I joined a block of the month club. I was so busy that I let that fall by the way. I rejoined this year and have managed to keep current with 2014. I have decided to combine the blocks from both years and make a double-sized quilt. I did a lot of cutting this week and everything is cut and some blocks are pieced for January through March. I’ll have the first three months for both years pieced by the end of this month.

The third series of blocks for the Building Blocks Quilt Along is cut, pieced, and marked. I also made muslin practice blocks for each design. I’m just waiting for Leah’s instructions in the beginning of the week. I’m looking forward to that.

In the meantime, I did a little free motion quilting practice. I want to stitch all the new designs for the Free Motion Quilting Project. (Thank goodness there is no deadline on this!) I am working backwards and have thrown a couple more designs in just for fun. I noticed this week that working with light thread on dark fabric makes your stitches pop more than if you use dark thread on light fabric. I really struggled doing #428 Basic Star. Space Feather (#420) was a little challenging also.

Basic Star #428

Basic Star 428Tangle of Lights #420

Tangle of Lights 421Space Feather #420

Space Feather 420Feathered Heart #231Feathered Heart (231)Pebbles in a Stream #25

pebbles in a stream #25In the coming week I’ll quilt my philanthropy quilt and have it ready for binding by the time quilt guild meets.

I’m linking up with The Free Motion Quilting Project Friday Link Up.

Until next week, Happy Stitching, everyone!


9 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Looking good!!!! For me, repetition is the “key” to successful FMQ and your pieces show up wonderfully!!! I haven’t gotten the “embroidery bug” so am looking forward to seeing your creations!!!! Hugs……………..

      • I have noticed so many gals using an EQ program to design their quilts. In the past this hasn’t really caught my interest but lately I’m more curious. I haven’t worked with any type of computer graphics as my computer time seems to eat into my sewing time too much sometimes. I struggle with “balance” in my daily life as it is. “Black or white”/”all or nothing” has always been my view!!!!!! LOL!

      • Isn’t it amazing that you can sit down to either your sewing machine or your computer and the time totally evaporates. I guess we are fortunate to have passions! I just want to design some embroidery motifs to put on quilt blocks. I haven’t really thought about designing the total quilt. The software that I have is capable of that, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of that part of the application. I don’t know how it will compare to other programs specifically for quilt design. This all is totally new territory for me.

  2. I’m here from the Building Block Quilt Along site. I’m so impressed! Love the spaced feathers, and the pebbles in a stream…but my all time favorite is the tangled lights. It looks so awesome. Love your blog so far….only read two posts, lol. Thanks for sharing your blog link.
    Rae (

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