Oh well…

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan them. I spent the good part of this week figuring out how to put duck tracks on a baby quilt I was finishing. I even researched duck tracks on the Internet to get as close an interpretation as possible. I drew the tracks in Adobe Illustrator so I could scale them, got a good template, and marked the quilt. I had to place them so they looked like a duck was walking back and forth across the quilt but I also had to make sure that the tracks were touching the edge of each block so I could travel from block to block without breaking thread 18 times. I quilted the duck tracks and much to my disappointment, you can barely see them. I’m tempted to rip them out, but that would mean ripping all the stitching out.

Duck FeetQuilt BackMaybe I’ll figure out a way to fix this. In the meantime, I’m putting it aside and will finish it after I take a break from it.  So… if you look closely at this quilt there is a possibility that you may see some duck tracks.

I finished Block 3.1 for Leah Day’s Building Blocks Quilt Along. It was a nice exercise for straight lines and travel stitching. I’m feeling better each week about my free motion quilting, but I’m finding that it is so much more difficult to be precise on a larger piece like a baby quilt.3.1 Front3.1 back3.1Here’s Leah Day’s free motion quilting design #429, Jagged Flame, designed to fit into quilt sashing.

#429Next week I’ll finish piecing the March blocks for a block of the month project. I got a good start on them this week. I’ll get back to stitching some more of Leah’s fmq designs. I’m also planning on binding a larger quilt that I finished a while ago. I’m trying to clean these projects up so I can go on to new adventures.

I’m linking up with Leah Day’s Free Motion Project Link Up.

Happy Quilting!


10 thoughts on “Oh well…

  1. Your “duck tracks” are wonderful!!!! It will be the little surprise for anyone who really takes a closer look at that darling quilt!!!!! Don’t even think of removing them!!! If they are blending in more than you had imagined, then, remember that for the NEXT TIME you do something like it!!!!!! They will be loved!!!!!! Your Leah Day stitching is awesome…….you seem to have the ‘feel’ for that motif down well!!! Way to go!!!!!! Hugs…………….

  2. The duck tracks show really well on the back, as quilting often does. I wouldn’t dream of ripping anything out. Quilting tends to disappear on prints (good for me as a beginner); using solids makes it show more and using contrasting thread makes it show even more.

  3. I love your duck tracks. They show up best on the back, but I can see them on the front as well. I think you’ll be surprised at how many people find them and comment about them, in person I mean. I’m glad you are not ripping them out. I’d. Also like to see what they look like next time you try something like this, if you use contrasting thread. Thanks for sharing your blog on the Building Block Quilt Along site.
    Rae (nrhaller@aol.com)

    • You are right. The next time I try anything like this, I’ll use contrasting thread. I think I was a little intimidated so I used the yellow thread to blend and I was sorry. Next time I’ll go for it!

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