My Little Sunflower Quilt

My thread of choice for free motion quilting is Isacord. It’s what Leah Day recommended when I started fmq almost two years ago and I’ve always had good luck using it. I experimented with Superior Threads King Tut #40 cotton thread on my little sunflower quilt because it is variegated and it matches the fabric. I was disappointed. Even though it stitched nicely, the variegation looks muddy. By the time I was finished with the quilt top my machine was loaded with cotton lint. Now I’m trying a similar piece with Isacord. I’ll post my results next week.Sunflower quiltIMG_2424IMG_2425IMG_2426This week’s block for Leah Day’s Building Blocks Quilt along was Circles and Squares. I think it is the most difficult design we have had so far in this excellent quilting journey. Quilting the circles so they brush up to the straight lines was difficult for me. Mine look a little wiggly and uncertain. In the grand scheme of things, no one will notice the wobbly things when everything is put together. I’m looking forward to the next series of blocks and exercises.3.4 front3.4 backThe April block for Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club is completed. I was noticing that my piecing wasn’t as precise as I wanted so I found Leah Day’s rotary cutter video on the internet. It was very helpful. Piecing is still a challenge to me. I still haven’t finished April 2013 but it’s all cut out and ready to stitch. It uses paper piecing so I’ll have some more practice with that process.Sugarblock April 2014This week I’m linking up with Leah Day’s Free Motion Project Link Up.

Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “My Little Sunflower Quilt

  1. Your sunflower is awesome!!! I so agree about the thread and use poly, or rayon, for most all my fmq. King Tut and Aurifil work beautifully in my Sweet Sixteen but the sheen of the thread, plus the “no lint” factor, is what Isacord gives me. Love it!!!!

  2. I LOVE that sunflower quilt! Awesome work! And your BBQA block looks great. You do beautiful work. (I’m inspired to do some whole cloth quilting to practice my FMQ… but I think I should catch up on the BBQA first.)

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