Back to Normal

Two weeks have gone by since I last posted. Life got pretty busy. I checked off a dream on my bucket list when I sang Handel’s “Messiah” two weekends ago. Rehearsals meant time away from my sewing machine, but the performances went well and it was a great experience. Then the Easter holiday and other commitments got in the way. Now life is back to normal and I’m happier than ever in my sewing room.

I finished Blocks 4.1 and 4.2 for the Building Blocks Quilt Along. Block #4 was really easy to sew, but a simple design can reveal one’s cutting precision (or lack thereof). It was apparent when I was squaring my block after quilting. One of my seams was far from perpendicular to the other. Cutting and piecing are my nemeses and maybe that’s why I love whole cloth quilts! Lately I’ve been very careful but I cut all the pieces for BBQA four months ago.

I made a little quilt a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice diversion that didn’t take long to complete and this size is good to put under flower vases. I decided to fill the background with stippling, as I hadn’t used that pattern for several months. It was good practice. Consequently, I did Block 4.1 freehand. FMQ scale exercises are excellent practice. I noticed that the little arms on my open free motion foot are exactly one-quarter of an inch apart so the quarter- and eighth-inch areas went quickly.

Here is Leah Day’s #432 Fish Fins. This will be perfect for a marine-themed quilt that I’m quilting for Philanthropy Club. I can’t wait to dig into this and one other quilt top for the club that I’ve been asked to finish.

Fish FinsI’ll cut out another quilt this week. Hopefully I’ll be a little more precise. I have to finish April’s block of the month for Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club as May is coming quickly. It’ll be another fun and busy week!

I’m linking to Leah Day’s FMQ Project Link Up.

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. Your Fish Fin quilting looks great! Isn’t there a world of difference between watching Leah and doing it yourself? She so calmly says a pattern can be expanded, wider and larger, for a bed quilt. Much harder to do than it sounds. I’m trying paper clips bigger. It is a good thing that I’m quilting mostly on print.

    • Thanks. Yes. Leah just glides through a design with her travel stitching so perfect and all those individual stitches so even and juicy. It’ll be interesting to see if I can enlarge this pattern and keep it from looking messy!

  2. The ‘fish fins” motif is wonderful!!! Once you really ‘get into’ the larger motifs for a while you’ll wonder why you thought you would have a problem. I have found the larger ones (for larger lap/bed sized quilts) are so much more relaxing to do than the more constricted/smaller scale!!! You will do great!!!!!!! Hugs……………………………

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